A reason to upgrade – iPhone 4?

Screen shot 2010-06-15 at 6.07.30 PMLast week was a buzz with all the talk of the new iPhone  4.  What was interesting to read was how much it delivered in terms of the issues current iPhone users whinge about.  Our iPhone community highlighted a number of areas iPhone users would like to see improved.

Firstly the camera.  While the iPhone generally has managed to replace the need for carrying a separate  iPod, diary, and so forth, it was not the case with the camera.  Our iPhone community members told us that the low quality camera meant they rarely relied on it and certainly did not see it as a replacement for their digital camera.  But an improvement from three to five megapixels with 5x digital zoom and inbuilt LED flash will certainly make a difference.

“I’m sure the next generation iPhone will have a great camera and that gives you a reason to upgrade.”    Glenn, iPhone community member

What else did our members want to see improved :

  • Multi-tasking – again the iPhone 4 will fulfill this requirement
  • Screen rotation lock - we got it for iPad but as far as I know the iPhone still does not readily allow for this.
  • Flash Player – doesn’t look like this is going to happen

Will these and other improvements be enough of a reason to upgrade?  Not sure but the latest figures reported in Adnews today show the iPhone is certainly taking the lead in the Smartphone market, which doesn’t surprise us given our findings in our iPhone Insights Community.

Updated 17/06/10:  Going on the strength of pre-orders it seems the iPhone 4 is enough of a reason to upgrade.  According to SmartCompany pre-orders of iPhone hit new record with 600,000 in one day.

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