An ABSOLUT-ly great idea!

An ABSOLUT-ly great idea!

Like anyone, I too get quite excited by duty-free shopping and all its dollar saving glory! So on a recent trip home from Bali, we made a stopover at Changi Airport in Singapore to see what bargains we could find! (For those of you playing at home, yes, we purposely detoured from the logical, efficient way home for this shopping expedition).

I won’t go into details of the many purchases made by me and my friends during those few hours, but something worth mentioning is what caught my eye whilst perusing the alcohol section. There was a display of bright, paint-splashed ABSOLUT Vodka bottles – somewhat of an art form compared to the standard ABSOLUT bottles.

I found out that ABSOLUT had released four million of these uniquely designed, limited edition ‘ABSOLUT UNIQUE’ bottles. The new ‘look’ had been achieved by a combination of splash guns, machines equipped with 35 colours and 51 stencils, and placement algorithms to ensure that no two bottles would be alike.

My friends were instantly drawn to them. It was hard work convincing them that it wasn’t worth spending the extra money on an ABSOLUT UNIQUE bottle as it would taste exactly the same as the colourless, regular ABSOLUT bottle sitting a short distance away. Of course I was wearing my ‘rational’ hat at the time – I know it’s not really about the ‘taste’.

Nonetheless, this example demonstrates the strong pulling-power of this design innovation. And this becomes even clearer with a quick glance at ABSOLUT’s Facebook page. Many fans have posted photos of the unique bottles they have purchased on the Facebook page, while others say they want to collect them all! I struggled to find any negative comments…

I think ABSOLUT has hit the nail on the head with this one! Ultimately, it works because everyone wants to be an individual – the younger demographic especially! So offering a product that no-one else can possibly have is bound to be a winner.

But what use is being an individual if no-one knows you have a one in four million bottle? Well, tell the world on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and problem solved!

I’m willing to bet this innovation will be both a sales AND social media success!

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  1. The last bottle of vodka I bought was in the shape of a crystal skull. Not surprisingly, it was quite expensive, but it was a gift for some close Russian friends, so I thought it was ideal (and also very, very cool in an ueber sort of way). See for details.


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