Blurring the lines

Blurring the lines

Within the retail world, we often hear talk of online stores as distinctly different to and separate from the more traditional physical bricks and mortar stores.

However it seems premium retailer Burberry may be blurring the lines between the two, with the opening of their new high-tech Regent Street store in London.

In the video below, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey describes the merging of the website with a physical experience to create their new flagship store…

Burberry’s new digital store concept, which has been 2 years in the making, focuses on bringing the best elements of the retailer’s website into the physical store, to create a richer experience for their customers.

Via the use of large web-enabled screens, RFID tags, ‘smart mirrors’ and iPad equipped staff, Burberry have provided an example of how two previously separate retail channels (online and B&M) can be brought together, to offer shoppers a seamless, engaging and exciting experience.

Burberry’s new store reflects a significant shift in customer expectations – online stores have raised the bar in terms of the opportunities for rich content delivery, customised shopping and a high level of convenience. Shoppers are now increasingly extending these expectations to the physical store environment as well.

The next 12 months will be an interesting period within the industry. Which retailers will respond to this shift in expectations? How will they respond? Who will get it right? What are the implications for those that do not?

photo credit:lumir etincelle via photopin cc


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