Danger! Danger! Information Overload

Danger! Danger! Information Overload

As a man I’ve been told that I am unable to simultaneously undertake a number of tasks at the same time. This is the domain of the female, who thanks to some clever wiring in the brain, which men do not possess, is able to have 3 conversations, shop, text, check email and read the latest copy of Women’s Health all at the same time. OK, maybe that is a little over the top, or is it?

Technology these days allows us the freedom and the ability to undertake tasks simultaneously. Ever since mobile phones were released, it was not enough for us just to make a phone call. We’ve always wanted more. From giving us the ability to text and take a grainy picture while playing a game of ‘Snake’ through to today’s smartphones which allow us to do so much more at the one time. Take the recently released Windows Phone for instance. The home screen alone allows you to see your calls, emails, text messages, social network updates, photos and even more all at the same time. Think about the level of information available to you and this is even before you look up and take in your actual physical surrounds.

The question then stands, with all this information coming at us at once, how much of it are we actually taking in? Can we actually soak up everything we are bombarded with?

In the work place, studies have found that this information overload is a serious issue, with a study of 1,700 people by LexisNexis indicating that 49% of respondents couldn’t deal with the amount of information that they were being presented with each day. This is work related information of course but then put on top a personal life and the need to be connected with this each day, makes this statistic a little frightening.

With the seemingly unending pursuit of having our lives at our fingertips added to the responsibilities that we have in the workplace, something has got to give. Of the 49% studied by LexisNexis, 51% of them said that they were on the verge of giving up. Not a good sign.

Given that the ability to connect with the outside world is likely to continue increasing in complexity as time goes by, I think it is time that us males learn how to multi task better!

Author’s Note: Whilst writing this blog, I was not on Facebook, texting or reading Women’s Health.

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