Didn’t you know, it’s rude not to be social?

Didn’t you know, it’s rude not to be social?

Well, I don’t think anyone can any longer deny that social (aka communal) networking is here to stay (for the foreseeable future anyway).

So you have one of two choices:

  • Get on the bandwagon and be connected
  • Get left behind and be disconnected (and lonely) (ouch!)

There’s lots of stats out there quoting Facebook and Twitter’s growth amongst others thing.

As Martin Giles says, Facebook is the second most popular site behind Google. Then there are other sites like MySpace and of course Twitter has come along and had huge growth in the last 6-12 months. And going a little outside the ‘social’ arena, there’s LinkedIn where professionals can keep connected.

Of course, these are only the bigger social networking sites mentioned. There are many smaller sites around the world where people come together to share common (and sometimes quite specific) interests.

The thing I find really interesting though is that Australians, on average, spend the most time on social networking sites. Knowing this takes me back to – it’s rude not to be social (networking) don’t you think?

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