Finding the perfect balance

Finding the perfect balance

Work life balance. I’m sure we’ve all heard the term. But how many of us are actually achieving it? And importantly, are employers helping?

I work in market research and have done for a long time. I had my first child 6 years ago, well into my career. After a year off I was keen to come back to work, but still wanted to be heavily involved in parenting. A classic dilemma. How do you do both?

And how many talented people have been lost because they weren’t able to do both?

In an industry with an arguably larger than average proportion of women, I had to fight tooth and nail with my then employer to be able to even TRY coming back to work part time. Interestingly, said employer was also a mother of two. Since then I have worked successfully on a part time basis, but it was always up to me to make that work. I had to fit my life around work, with little or no give the other way.

Until now! I have played, shopped and socialized in an online space for years. But now I also work in an online space. I have discovered that this not only offers consumers the flexibility to participate when it suits them and slots in easily with their online lives, but it does the same for me.

I can do my work during the day, at night, on the weekends, at home if my child is sick, etc. At first glance this may look like work is taking over my life and that I’m working 24 hours a day. Not at all. Instead, work and life are happily co-existing.

About time too.

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