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Free Stuff

Did that catch your attention? What I’m really talking about is those wonderous web tools that provide additional information to round out the insights generated in primary research.The web offers a plethora of apps, widgets, tools and tricks to find out more about your subject of choice by tracking and searching for words.

For us, the relevance comes in showing our clients supplementary data that compliments the conversations we are having with their customers online. If they’re talking about the latest advertisement in our research community, we can tap into Google Insights for Search to see whether it’s featuring in keyword searches in the public domain. Google Trends gives us a search volume index on the ad we’re interested in and whether it’s changed over time. Kraft revealed only 3 days ago the name of its Vegemite line extension, iSnack 2.0 – just look at the spike in searches for Vegemite from Google Insights for Search.

Or if it’s words we’re after, Technorati allows us to search the blogosphere to find mentions of our subject.  Technorati tells us that there’s been 18 blog posts mentioning iSnack 2.0 at the time we posted. Or for what people are saying right now try Twitter Search where we can narrow our search on a number of variables such as positive comments only and location. And it seems that iSnack 2.0 hasn’t found many fans in tweetland or the blogosphere.

Then there’s the pure simplicity of Google News. Sign up, enter your brand/company/issue and away you go. Let the site deliver personalised news to your home page.

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