Government can do Online Qual – Online Testing for Online Tools

Government can do Online Qual – Online Testing for Online Tools

As more and more government marketing collateral and information tools move online, it was only a matter of time until it became acceptable among a government agency to test tools intended for online use in an online environment.

In a recent project for ASIC on the ‘Super Dashboard’ Latitude Insights found the right project to shift government concept testing to the online environment.  The research involved an intensive online community involving 7 discussion posts in 7 days. On the 8th day the client refined the concept and information tools based on the feedback, with the refined dashboard then undergoing a final ‘test’ with the community on the 9th day.

Although misquoted in the article as a survey, the richness of the information gathered in an online qual community is extremely clear, even on a subject as dry for the average Joe as superannuation.  One hopes that this shows other government agencies that online qualitative methodological tools can actually be more appropriate for particular projects.

Consumers find super ‘mind-boggling’, survey shows

Financial Standard

The purpose of the survey, conducted by Latitude Insights, was to test the design of the MySuper product dashboard. However, it unearthed a widespread 


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