In The Moment Research

Leveraging new technology to capture customer insights at moments of truth

Customer moments are dynamic diverse experiences. Asking questions and relying on recall don’t do them justice. New technology allows us to get closer than ever before and experience the world through your customers’ eyes. We have designed a range of methods that support natural in-situ data capture and collaborative interpretation. Wherever customers are, we are. Seeing what they see, how they see it – experiencing a deeper, richer insight into customer lives.

How we do it

  • Using intuitive engaging processes and technology that customers use every day.
  • Mobile technology to record data on mobile via video, photos, text, audio, barcodes.
  • Pioneers of using mobile qualitative, co-researching, co-creation, in situ surveys & pop up communities.


  • Closer to customer moments of truth.
  • Capture natural context and behaviours, reduce research interference and false recall.
  • Access to out of hours activities. Access to hard to reach customers and locations.
  • Unfiltered.
  • Hear it, see it, feel it.
  • Dynamic, rich outputs.


Working with Latitude has been a great experience. I can’t speak more highly of Latitude’s flexibility, responsiveness and willingness to explore new and different ways of approaching things to address our various business issues. It has been an invaluable investment.


Manager, Consumer Insights, Cadbury



Why do rituals matter?

Recent scientific research has provided further evidence of the importance of rituals, proving that food actually tastes better when it’s part of a ritual.

Sort of, dunno, nothin

By spending time establishing rapport, giving participants the confidence to speak about issues that are top of mind and allowing the conversation to flow rather than moving on to the next scheduled task on the discussion guide, it is possible to uncover a whole host of issues that would have been buried by asking a rational question like ‘what’s important to you’.

Dumb ways to Die, Smart Ways to Use Social Media

What I found most interesting were the reasons behind the social-media only format. While some of it came down to budget it was also the best way to connect with their primary target audience of 14-25 year olds who are travelling on their own and think they’re immortal.

Get closer to moments of truth

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