Customised Online Communities

Conversations can make or break brands

The dynamic real-time insights via a private, online community can accelerate change, reduce risk and inform decision making. As leaders in online communities, we are experts in engaging customers in conversations that deliver real customer insight. We carefully select the most relevant participants, and develop relationships through our unique moderation style. This means we consistently achieve insights that drive change within businesses.

How we do it

  • Dedicated online platform, secure, convenient, accessible.
  • Community size flexible, determined by research need.
  • Co-creation, ideation, feedback, co-researching and missions.
  • A mix of prompted and naturally occurring conversations.
  • Informative visual reporting, isolating critical insights.


  • Richer contextualised data.
  • Wider geographic and demographic coverage with few obstacles and lower costs.
  • Ongoing dynamic, responsive, two way conversations.
  • Closer to the moment of truth.
  • Observe conversations as they happen.
  • Bring the customer voice inside the business, to enable better decisions.

Latitude has enabled Dulux to get closer to the consumer and better understand how our products fit into their lives. Not only do we get to walk in the shoes of the consumer, but also the online communities are unique so we get to walk alongside our consumer for a period of time – sharing new ideas and refining concepts before we take them to the market. Latitude make the entire process easy and seamless, pushing out high volumes of activity with fast turnaround. The combination of visuals and “real” quotes in the reporting brings the consumer to life, lifting the research findings to another level.

Susan Ritchie, Consumer Insights and Research Manager, Dulux


Online research – the ideal partner for sensitive topics

The combination of a safe and anonymous discussion space, connecting with others with similar experience, and the freedom to share when and where it suited them, in as much or little detail as they liked, made the online community an ideal approach.

Get closer to moments of truth

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