Qualitative Research

Taking a closer look at your customers, when more intimate discovery is key

Often a face to face account is the only way to do justice to an issue. Whether it’s a highly sensitive topic, a difficult to reach audience or complex issue or the need to physically interact with the product. Bringing an issue to life through personal contact with consumers can enable “a-ha” moments unlikely to be uncovered any other way.

How we do it

  • Drawing on, but moving beyond, classic focus group methods.
  • Innovative techniques and creative problem solving.
  • Approach rooted in our expertise in motivational psychology and behavioural economics.
  • Onsite, in home and in-situ location flexibility.
  • Leveraging our broad category expertise.


  • Consideration of verbal and non-verbal cues for detailed insights.
  • Build an iterative and diverse body of knowledge with multiple points of view understood.
  • Reframe and rephrase old problems to discover new opportunities in the moment.
  • Develop an in-depth personal understanding.
  • Observe interactions with physical stimulus, samples, product, etc. first hand.

Despite a really tight delivery timeline, Latitude delivered an insightful presentation with concise, relevant and actionable findings. The presentation generated a great deal of discussion amongst the project team and has provided a clear path forward for the development and implementation of a marketing strategy for the [researched] assets.

National Research & Strategy Manager, Colonial First State


When the people type…

Our government clients are similar to commercial clients in that they too need to do everything cheaper and faster. They are also aware of that ‘new fangled’ thing called the internet, and they know that people now have 100’s of friends and followers whose profile pictures they see on a daily basis, and who they converse with in 140 characters or less.

People are strange…

What you SAY can actually change how you feel – even if you are lying or just being polite. Importantly I’m not just referring to positive THINKING here, the trick is that you actually need to SAY it, out loud.

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