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The retail market is increasingly competitive and customer loyalty matters more than ever. Whilst a mystery shopping program measures compliance with operational standards, it won’t tell you what your real customers think. Latitude’s 360° Experience measures the delivery of your brand promise at the store level. It measures customer delight, the things that determine whether your customers spend more, visit more often, or tell their friends about your store.

How we do it

  • Engage thousands of actual customers.
  • Customers are invited to provide feedback about their in-store experience following a transaction or an event.
  • Customers complete a short survey about their experience that day, typically within 24 hours of the event.
  • Always-on, store based reporting via interactive online dashboards.
  • Push summary reports and key insights.


  • Identify opportunities and drive immediate improvement at the network and individual store level.
  • Measure and monitor performance over-time. Recognise and reward exceptional service.
  • Quickly identify and leverage key drivers of customer loyalty.
  • Test new store initiatives prior to networkwide rollout.
  • Capture the customer voice, in real-time
  • Drive immediate improvement at the store level
  • Always-on reporting immediately identifies opportunities for improvement at the network and individual store level.

Target partnered with Latitude to deliver a number of insights programs including an online research community, a customer experience program, qual testing of concepts and the quantification of specific opportunities. It has been highly reassuring to work with a partner who manages the volume and ad hoc nature of retail with the responsiveness to tight deadlines required. Latitude always keeps the approach interesting and fresh resulting in strong engagement and response rates. It is this that has made Latitude a Target supplier of the year (Professional Services) two years running.

Keiron Letts, GM of Customer Insights & Strategy


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