Moving On

“We must end our traditional, one-dimensional attitude…we are at the start of something exciting-a model that can lead to a new kind of commerce”

Elisabeth Murdoch was referring to the future of television content when she delivered her keynote address at the National Association of Television Program Executives last week.

Her statement, however, translates across all industries. One-way corporate communications have lost the reign and as Tom Ewing argues “there’s nobody at the wheel anymore”.

Social media has taken word of mouth to a whole new playing field. It knows no geographic limitations, and a message can be delivered to thousands if not millions, with the click of a mouse.

To lose control of your brand communications is daunting, especially if you find that consumers’ comments are not on the bright side. But, this is an opportunity to hear what people are thinking, and more importantly to respond. They say that brand loyalty actually increases after a negative customer experience with a company that has tried to resolve or ease the situation. Through a genuine response, people’s customs are valued.

It’s time to get creative, innovative, and smart. It means loosening our grip on outdated models of communications and as Murdoch put it “catching up with what our audience is doing”

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