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The Importance of Institutional Intellect

Ideas are not enough. Innovation requires more than having an idea. Ideas need to be implemented to be worth anything. I believe this comes down to Institutional Intellect. More than just knowledge or expertise, Institutional Intellect is about every single person in the business understanding the principles that should guide their work.

Sort of, dunno, nothin

By spending time establishing rapport, giving participants the confidence to speak about issues that are top of mind and allowing the conversation to flow rather than moving on to the next scheduled task on the discussion guide, it is possible to uncover a whole host of issues that would have been buried by asking a rational question like ‘what’s important to you’.

The devil makes work for idle hands

With smartphone penetration growing at a rate that will see one in two Australians owning a smartphone in the coming few years (if not sooner), the research industry has rightly seen the potential of having a constant internet connection in your pocket. Why not compete for people’s down time by conducting research instead of posting that picture of breakfast to Instagram?

Australians on social media raise many an eyebrow?

Australian consumers are actually seeing real benefits from connecting with brands in the social media space – beyond the ubiquitous competition entry. They see the opportunity to be ‘the first to know’ and most interestingly, to actually support a brand they admire and to have a real ‘voice’ with a brand.

Blurring the lines

Burberry’s new store reflects a significant shift in customer expectations – online stores have raised the bar in terms of the opportunities for rich content delivery, customised shopping and a high level of convenience. Shoppers are now increasingly extending these expectations to the physical store environment as well.

New Years Resolutions for 2013

Ideally we want more time for spontaneous discussions and exploration of issues and ideas as they emerge. The accessibility of online communities makes it too easy to use them to seek an answer to a question, but answers to direct questions do not always provide an accurate reflection of what the consumer will do.

An ABSOLUT-ly great idea!

I think ABSOLUT has hit the nail on the head with this one. Ultimately, it works because everyone wants to be an individual – the younger demographic especially. So offering a product that no-one else can possibly have is bound to be a winner.
But what use is being an individual if no-one knows you have a one in four million bottle? Well, tell the world on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and problem solved!

When the people type…

Our government clients are similar to commercial clients in that they too need to do everything cheaper and faster. They are also aware of that ‘new fangled’ thing called the internet, and they know that people now have 100’s of friends and followers whose profile pictures they see on a daily basis, and who they converse with in 140 characters or less.

People are strange…

What you SAY can actually change how you feel – even if you are lying or just being polite. Importantly I’m not just referring to positive THINKING here, the trick is that you actually need to SAY it, out loud.


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