Nurturing creativity in the workplace

Nurturing creativity in the workplace

Latitude Insights has outgrown its office and we are gearing up to move to our new home later this month. Our larger team brings fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking. At the same time, we are also aware of maintaining Latitude’s close-knit collaborative culture, whilst harnessing ideas within a larger number of people.

Creativity is pivotal for progressive thinking. At Latitude we have tried to adapt a culture to reflect this…

Knowledge sharing is key to our creative process, and ideas can come from anyone. Internally, the titles on our business cards do not mean much. We have access to everyone’s ‘knowledge bank’ and thus ideas are discovered, nurtured and swiftly shared. Thought exchange is encouraged, and we all have the option to formally present our ideas to the rest of the team. The simple act of eating lunch together triggers insight, as we compare notes on how we are doing things, and how things could be done better. There is a 360-degree flow of information, from all levels of the business.

Whilst these everyday practices appear to be insignificant, their role in inventiveness is crucial. After all, it takes only a small seed of inspiration for creativity to flourish.

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