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We have extensive experience across a range of sectors

Latitude works hard to connect our clients to their customers. We are agile in our approach to insights. It’s not just about speed. It’s about delivering the right information, at the relevant times; in a way that is easily digestible and disseminated throughout our client’s organisation.

We carefully consider the tools needed for each project – innovative, traditional or a mixture of both. Meaning our clients get smarter, faster insights.


Keeping pace with the changing retail landscape

The retail industry has faced remarkable change. Economic pressures and technological advances have transformed retail businesses. Latitude keeps clients close to their customers, helping them make better business decisions and adapt to the ever changing retail landscape.


Understanding today’s FMCG shopper

Complex, evolving and ever-changing is the nature of the FMCG marketplace. We arm our clients with consumer insight to help them better innovate, and deploy effective strategies for their FMCG brands. Fast, flexible and cost effective solutions for today’s business environment.



Unlocking opportunities for banking and finance

Banking and finance has undergone a technological revolution – mobiles and online are the primary channels for most people these days. We partner with our clients to deliver new innovations in financial and banking services that deliver greater speed and efficiency for customers, in an increasingly mobile world.


Keeping Australian sport on top

From the community participation in Saturday clubs to the performance of our elite athletes, sport in Australia is facing an increasingly competitive environment. Latitude combines experienced understanding of human behaviour with detailed knowledge of the sector to provide the sport with solutions to come out a winner.



Shaping the world in which we live

From service provision to communications, government departments and agencies are having to adapt and develop due to the changing economic and technological environment. We deliver customised research-based solutions, combining the full range of traditional quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, with ground breaking new approaches.


We use a mix of tools and methods so we can best address your research needs.


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