Show us your Apps

Show us your Apps

The last couple of days, all we have heard is iPad, iPad, iPad.  While I’m not sure iPad will be as revolutionary as the iPod or iPhone, what I do know is that Apple will make a lot of revenue from their iTunes store.  Did you know that in 2009, Apple accounted for 99.4% of all mobile app sales?

According to the Gartner report that’s a big chunk of the $4.2 billion in mobile app revenue that Apple scored in 2009 alone.  Apps are growing by the minute with the market estimated to almost double in the next year, to 4.5 billion apps.

For marketers this creates a number of interesting questions and opportunities:
– What makes a good App?
– What are consumers willing to pay for?
– How does the market learn about Apps?
– How do I make sure I get my Apps noticed ?

Over the coming months Latitude hopes to answer some of these questions with their iPhone user research community.  Not only will we ask members to ‘show us your Apps’ we want to drill down to understand how they find, choose and interact with their Apps.  Which ones can’t they live without and most importantly, which ones add to their brand experience.

So what Apps can’t you live without?

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