The devil makes work for idle hands

The devil makes work for idle hands

Spare moments are spent on the web

You’ve got two minutes to yourself and what is the first thing so many of us think about doing? Getting out our phone to check our email, post a tweet, update a Facebook status, the list of possibilities goes on. The idea of doing nothing has disappeared almost completely.

We’re always connected with the web.

With smartphone penetration growing at a rate that will see one in two Australians owning a smartphone in the coming few years (if not sooner), the research industry has rightly seen the potential of having a constant internet connection in your pocket. Why not compete for people’s down time by conducting research instead of posting that picture of breakfast to Instagram?

Mobile research reaches where traditional can’t

The flexibility of online mobile research platforms give us the ability to access people in places and at times that previously were thought too difficult. Think about walking from a supermarket and being asked to rate the level of service that you had just experienced. Why not provide a detailed video review of a product when in the store?  The possibilities that are opened through greater access are huge, but how else can mobile benefit us over traditional online research?

  • Engagement with tasks both quantitative and qualitative is higher when conducting a survey that is relevant to your surroundings. Furthermore…
  • Recall when undertaking a task is stronger when it has taken place recently. We’re much more likely to recount experiences accurately shortly after they have occurred.  Of course it is widely accepted that a combination of stronger engagement and better recall leads to…
  • Better data quality. With data quality often questioned in online studies by clients and the industry alike, mobile studies can only help to improve what is delivered to our clients, helping them to be more confident in their business decisions.

photo credit:Chris JL via photopin cc

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