Tuning out

Tuning out

 “I am very adept at switching off during advertising. I almost have it down to a fine art”

This remark came from one of our community members, and generally resonates with most of the participants that we speak to.

In coming years, the majority of Australian households will take up gadgets that thrust content control into the hands of the user. The most obvious being devices that pause, rewind, and the most challenging for advertisers, fast forward live TV.

So where to for advertising?

Advertising alone is becoming redundant, as audiences are mastering the craft of tuning out. Consumers are accustomed to getting more from brands – whether it is some fleeting fun on a Facebook Fan Page, or a practical app that they can’t live without. Content that people can utilise, share, or even help create is the new frontier of marketing communications.

In the future, will “spending $5 million on advertising without giving something useful, entertaining or charming seem very weird”? From what’s being said in our communities, this statement from Adam Ferrier rings true.

One of the most relevant things a brand can do is to give an experience. An experience based on consumer insight will be far more valuable for the brand than shouting at them from a television screen.

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