What’s your location?

“Checking in” will have a whole new meaning in 2010, as location based social networking gains popularity. Foursquare leads the trend allowing users to disclose their locations, generate reviews of favourite destinations, and obtain the title of “Mayor” at frequented establishments. Twitter and Facebook are now developing similar applications.

Knowledge of a consumer’s social behaviour or pattern is extremely valuable to marketers, however we need to approach with caution if we want to turn this information into actionable insights. It is tempting to jump on board the next big thing, without defining a clear strategy, or understanding how to use these new tools to captivate your audience.

In this space consumers don’t want to be yelled at by advertising messages, however they will engage with communications that are compatible with their own interests. Location based social media is another tool that will allow us to deliver more relevant messages at the appropriate times.

It will be interesting to see how this new platform is developed in the coming year. What are your thoughts?

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